Before moving, they told me that New South Wales will be different than Victoria
Well, it is!

Let me start with the school habits first. Mavi was collecting footy cards in Melbourne, even though we were not interested at all to this new game in our lives, which kind of looks like Quidditch. Almost all the students were coming to school with their huge albums full of different footy cards to exchange with their friends.

Here in Sydney nobody cares about the footy, it’s a different world here! Instead, they are crazily into the rubber band chains! I asked Mavi what they do at school with these rubber bands. He said ‘we sit on the ground as a group of 3 or 4, we put the materials in the middle of us and just do bracelets and necklaces together, a friend taught me how to do it’. Seriously? Even the boys? He said yes.

Today we purchased a set for him to share with his mates.

I am not sure which one is worse though? Collecting footy cards of some handsome sportive guys, or the colourful rubber necklaces? At least he develops his motor skills with the current one.



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